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This trip to Mauritius was a bit sudden. It was mainly for business, so I took this opportunity to have a short trip early. Thanks to Cindy's team for customizing the itinerary according to our needs, providing relevant suggestions for us to choose, and also collecting our feedback after the activity (such as underwater motorcycles) for better adjustments and planning in the future. The overall trip was unforgettable, and I would highly recommend:

1. The driver Vinay is on time, very attentive/caring, talkative, and will also take the initiative to introduce the scenery and local culture along the way. If you have temporary shopping needs, we will also take the initiative to help arrange and adjust the itinerary and complete it within time. Driving is also stable and safe.

2. The guide of Tamaran Falls, Andy, is professional and pays attention to safety. He takes care of everyone, has top-notch photography skills and is a talkative person.

3. Dolphin swimming activity >> The boat operators in the team were observed to be more professional and careful than other teams. For example: safety
Pei-Ling Chiang
February 2024
The world is so big and there are so many scenery! There is only one paradise island! This is it, "Murisses" is a shining pearl in the Indian Ocean. The comfortable feeling of setting foot on this land for the first time is unforgettable. It has beautiful scenery, rich and special cultural background, which is worth visiting if you have never been there before. Everyone explore! !Thank you Dynasty Tours for allowing me to experience such a wonderful country❤️
Angelo Lee
February 2024
With Dynasty Tour,,, let's see how wonderful Mauritius island (heaven on earth). Thanks you "Dynasty tour", for a great& beautiful experience❤️🇲🇺
February 2024
The most professional local tour guide in Mauritius! I took my parents for a trip and still had more fun!
Linda Chen
February 2024
Mauritius - a beautiful island country with beautiful scenery. Food. Blue waters. Fine white sandy beaches. A place worth visiting. Thanks to Cindy and the team, they planned the itinerary according to the desired attractions and budget, and also provided a lot of suggestions.

They answered all questions during the trip, which was of great help. The team we work with has a safety-focused and attentive style. Also special thanks Vinay, the driver for this trip, was punctual, very attentive/caring, talkative, and would also take the initiative to introduce the scenery and local culture along the way. If you have temporary shopping needs, we will also take the initiative to help arrange and adjust the itinerary and complete it within time.

The Guide of Tamarin Falls, Andy, is professional, pays attention to safety, takes care of everyone, has first-class photography skills, and is talkative. Pay great attention to safety when swimming with dolphins (you must wear a life jacket when entering the sea and be led by a dedicated person). There is still a chance to swim together without excessively affecting the dolphins.
February 2024
It is recommended to contact Dynasty Travel Agency for travel planning in Mauritius, so that my husband and I can have an unforgettable and wonderful honeymoon trip!With the help of Cindy and Ting, they helped us arrange a customized itinerary that best met our travel and budget needs. If we encountered any problems during the trip, they were able to help us instantly online to answer our questions, just like the first visit. Local friends in Mauritius introduced us to the most interesting, beautiful and worth-seeing attractions, and arranged for us a friendly driver and a comfortable new car to take us from east to west and from east to west.

Fully experience the beauty of Mauritius from south to north. I recommend travelers who want to visit this pearl of the Indian Ocean not to miss this travel agency!
Yuly Tseng
November 2023
Must go in your lifetime!!! Enjoy the most beautiful varieties of sea view, landscape and plenty of activities you can experience in Mauritius 🇲🇺 I really enjoy the trip arranged by Dynasty Tour. Don’t miss it if you also want a real “Local & Deep Dive” trip in Mauritius!
Sylvia Hsieh
October 2023
Thank you Dynasty Tours for the considerate itinerary. Both adults and children had a great time eating, drinking and having fun. It allowed us to get to know the paradise-like island. We look forward to seeing you again next time~
Blue Vico
October 2023
Through the suggestions and arrangements of Dynasty Tours, I experienced unforgettable memories on land and sea.
Remy Lin
October 2023
2015-June trip to Mauritius~~Thank you Cindy and Dynasty Tours for accompanying me~~The scenery is super beautiful and it can relax you very well!
Chia Lu
June 2015

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