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Promoter/Personalize Trip Designer/Tour Leader


Mandarin Chinese, English, Mauritian Creole, Hokkien Dialect

Cindy was born in Taiwan but raised in Mauritius. In 2018, she embarked on a mission to promote Mauritius as a must-visit travel destination. The pinnacle of her dedication and efforts came to fruition in 2023 with the release of her seminal work, “Cindy’s Home in Paradise.” This groundbreaking publication, penned entirely in Mandarin, stands as a testament to her profound affection for Mauritius. It transcends linguistic boundaries, extending an authentic and immersive invitation to Mandarin-speaking readers, encouraging them to discover Mauritius’s unmatched natural beauty and vibrant cultural richness.


Activity & Tour Expert/Cultural Advisor


Mandarin Chinese, English, French, Mauritian Creole

Born in Mauritius with Taiwanese heritage, Ting’s roots are in this stunning island, which remains undiscovered by many around the world. Initially, she saw Mauritius as a simple little country, but as she delved deeper into its captivating beauty and rich history, she felt compelled to pursue a degree in Tourism Management at the University of Mauritius. Her goal is to showcase Mauritius to the world in a more professional and engaging way.



Activity & Tour Advisor/Account Manager


Mandarin Chinese, English, French, Cantonese

Native Taiwanese, Jeremy cultivated a deep love for languages and cultural immersion from a young age, eventually majoring in French language studies at university. With the passion for French language and gastronomy, serendipitously, he found himself in Mauritius, a French-speaking haven with a delightful culinary fusion. Settling there, Jeremy embraced an outdoor lifestyle and honed his culinary skills by blending French techniques with local flavors. His love for wine-tasting added another dimension to his experiences. Jeremy’s odyssey from Taiwan to France and Mauritius has allowed him to fully embrace his passions, resulting in a life enriched by language, cuisine, outdoor adventure, culinary artistry, and wine exploration.

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