A Rich History to uncover

Overview - About Mauritius

Mauritius, nestled in the Indian Ocean, is a true tropical paradise. Picture yourself surrounded by the crystal-clear turquoise waters and palm-fringed white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. This enchanting island nation comprises of the main island of Mauritius and several smaller islands. Everywhere you turn, you’ll be captivated by the sheer natural beauty that awaits you. Mauritius might be petite in size, covering approximately 2,040 square kilometers, but it’s big in heart and character. The island is home to over 1.3 million people, creating a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and warm hospitality.

Although English is the official language, you’ll quickly notice the lively blend of languages spoken by locals. Creole, Indo-Mauritian, Sino-Mauritian, and Franco-Mauritian cultures intermingle, creating a vibrant tapestry of customs, traditions, and flavors that you’ll be thrilled to experience. Dynasty welcomes you with open arms to experience its breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Whether you seek relaxation on idyllic beaches, thrilling adventures in nature, or a taste of the vibrant local cuisine, Mauritius has something for everyone.

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