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Mauritius has long held an allure for countless Europeans, yet it remains a relatively undiscovered gem in many parts of Asia. The scarcity of online information about Mauritius can frequently pose challenges when it comes to trip planning, be it for a solo adventure, a romantic honeymoon, or a family getaway.

Dynasty Tous is a registered Tour Operator in Mauritius, equipped with an extensive network of local resources. Over the years,  we have also cultivated strong bonds with the local community. These connections empower us to offer our travelers services that are not only comprehensive but also of the highest quality. 

We have quietly played a role in realizing the dreams of numerous travelers bound for Mauritius. Our expertise lies in curating journeys that are not only budget-friendly but also enriching, offering exceptional value for every traveler. Assisting you in planning your voyage brings us immense joy, and rest assured, our services come at no extra cost. We invite you to explore the process of booking through our dedicated team.

Step 1

Customized Travel Itinerary Consultation Form

Share your expectations and ideas for your trip to Mauritius with us through the Travel Itinerary Consultation Form on our official website!

Step 2

Contact with Personalized Trip Designer

Once we receive your itinerary consultation form, our trip designer will get in touch with you to discuss and materialize your ideas through communication and based on the content of the form.

Step 3

Provide Initial Itinerary

Based on the outcome of the discussion, the trip designer will provide a draft itinerary within 3 to 7 business days. In the draft itinerary, you will learn about the pricing, tours or activity arrangement, accommodation, transportation arrangements, and any other special request. If you need any adjustments, feel free to coordinate with the trip designer, and all changes will be reflected in the final itinerary.

Step 4

Provide Detailed Itinerary

Once the direction and pricing in the draft itinerary are adjusted to your satisfaction, we will provide a detailed itinerary based on the initial one, fine-tuned to create a plan that suits you best.

Step 5

Service Agreement and Deposit

When you are satisfied with the itinerary proposed by the trip designer, we will first secure the accommodation. Once the accommodation is confirmed, we will then provide a travel service agreement to protect both parties’ rights. You will be requested to submit 30% of the total cost as a deposit within five days.

Step 6

Contact with Trip Designer

We will need to collect payments at least 45 days prior to departure and provide pre-travel notifications at least one week before departure. If you have any questions about the itinerary during the process, please feel free to ask at any time.

Step 7

 Let’s Go!

With everything ready, your exclusive journey to Mauritius is about to begin!

Questions & Answers (Q&A) Section

Is there a limit to the number of people for a personalized trip?

Personalized trips do not have a specific limit on the number of people. They can be arranged for groups ranging from 2 to 20 individuals. However, it’s important to note that the pricing of personalized trips often depends on the number of people. The more people, the lower the price per person, and vice versa. 

How far in advance should a personalized trip be arranged?

Booking your personalized trip well in advance is highly recommended. Securing excellent accommodations often demands early arrangements. By doing so, you can savor superior lodging experiences without incurring higher expenses. If you intend to travel during Mauritius’’s peak season (November onwards until March)  it’s advisable to plan your itinerary at least six months ahead to elevate your travel experience.

What is the ideal duration for a trip to Mauritius?

Extensive time isn’t a prerequisite for immersive travel in Mauritius. Conversely, even with limited days at hand, there are unique ways to explore, we have the confidence to tailor your trip within the timeframe you provide. If you’re a working professional, we can work around your limited vacation days, making the most of the time you have available. For those on a tighter budget, we can work with specific days to maximize your Mauritius experience while staying within your financial limits. 

Dynasty Tours is a local travel agency in Mauritius, how can I make payments?

Regarding payment methods, we currently offer international bank transfers. We are actively seeking online credit card payment methods and hope to provide a more convenient payment process in the near future.

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